Dr. Jairo Madriz

The Dr. Jairo Madriz is graduated as Degree of the Latin University of Costa Rica in 2002, in addition it at a distance owns a Masters in Administration of Services of Sustainable Health of the State University from year 2007.

In 2004 and 2007 it realised advanced courses of contact lenses in the Keratos Institute, in the city of Bogota Colombia.

In 2005 it in center obtained qualification in therapy and visual stimulation OF PAEDIATRIC OPTOMETRY AND VISUAL REEDUCATION COPERVI, in the city of Bogota Colombia.

In 2009 (Corneal Refractive Therapy) obtains certification of adaptation of contact lenses Paragon CRT or ortoqueratologĂ­a, for the elimination of myopia and astigmatism by means of the use of contact lenses of nocturnal form.

In 2010 it realises training in low vision in the Independent National University of Mexico (UNAM).

Within the services that offer one is:

  • OptomĂ©tricos visual examinations (examinations of the view)
  • Adaptation of contact lenses
    • Spherical, tĂłricas, soft lenses soft for keratoconus, hybrid refractivas post-surgeries and among others.
    • Spherical, spherical Rigid lenses, with plasma cover.
    • Hybrid lenses.
    • OrtoqueratologĂ­a (lenses CRT)
  • Visual therapy
    • Reduction of ocular deviations (strabismus)
    • Treatment for acomodativo spasm
    • Problems of reading
    • Visual and ocular fatigue
  • Topography and corneal ftachymetry
  • Crosslinking
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