Optometry and Ophtalmology

optometrist-01This it is an integral service where you find both services in a same place. We widely have enabled professionals in each area to give the best service him in his visual health.

Our Services

In Visual Health we offer the best services to him of ophtalmology, optometry and more.


Contact lenses

According to he is the type of Contact lens, our enabled personnel l

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treatment-line of vision

Visual therapies

Treatment for vague eye. Eye strain (Fatigue Visual or Vista Dog

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Attention to children and adults

In Visual Health we give the best possible attention and we adapted to

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Optometry and Ophtalmology

This it is an integral service where you find both services in

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Service of optics

Visual health offers an ample variety to him of hoops (spectacles) for

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examination-of-the-in view of

Examinations of the view.

This it consists of a specialized examination, according to its necessity, or

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